How to repair lockdown hair

For many of us, lockdown has given us the time to enter into a full state of self-care – from new skincare routines to a complete make-up ban.

But what about your hair?

For many of our clients, their hair is their crown, their pride & joy! So why not take some time to make sure it’s getting the TLC it deserves, with salon-quality products.

This week, we reveal the products and treatments that your hair really needs right now.


For any of our clients who have extensions, this has been a great time to have a break and give your natural hair a chance to breathe. After your extensions have been removed, your hair can feel quite thin. This can be treated with a number of products including our Hair Repairing Therapy.
Best for: All hair types & colours.
How to: For best results leave on for a minimum of ten minutes. Leave overnight for a really nourishing treat. Ideally, this treatment should be done 1-2 times a week depending on the condition of your hair.



For blondes, especially, another issue you’ll have faced during lockdown was not being able to keep up to date with your toner. Often a salon treatment, toner is fantastic for reducing yellow, brassy tones which can start to appear. To keep your blonde looking its brilliant best between appointments we have developed a fantastic package for blondes called the Blonde Bundle! This includes Silver Shampoo and a Platinum Hair Mask.
Best for: Blondes between toners. The silver shampoo will help to counteract brassiness to keep colour fresh while the Platinum Hair Mask.
How to: The silver shampoo should be used once a week & is perfect for neutralising the yellow brassy tones. Similar to the Hair Repairing Therapy, the Platinum Hair Mask should be left on for a minimum of 10 minutes and should be used up to twice a week.

This is without a doubt the perfect package for any blondes wanting to breathe some life in to their blonde locks and eradicate warm tones.

£20, RRP £24

We will be re-opening the doors to the salons in Bruntsfield and Penicuik and opening our brand new South Queensferry salon on the 15th July. Be sure to get in touch to secure an appointment as soon as possible as we are already experiencing a high volume of enquiries.

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