Kérastase have been a leading brand in the hair beauty industry for over 40 years

Kérastase was founded in 1964 and are well known for re-inventing hair care. Since they began, they have been offering women and men the greatest professional haircare. Combining their exceptional knowledge of hairdressers and their clients, they imagined a world of hair care products that would go above and beyond expectations. Working closely with expert scientists, they made it a reality.


They are a leader in the global haircare industry. Their products are highly acclaimed, using rare and highly concentrated ingredients that sink deep into the hair fibers. Thus, leaving your hair strong, healthy, and resilient. Kérastase meticulously test all of their research with leading professionals and volunteers. They are not only known for creating a brand for its’ luxurious and sophisticated haircare, but one which is built on science using highly effective formulas, giving your hair flawless results. If you are searching for a hair product that will boost your confidence, then you have found your new best friend.

Kerastase treatments are ideal for anyone who has dry or damaged hair. Hair damage can be caused by several factors, this can be anything from heat styling to colouring or even environmental damage. Their treatments are designed to help repair and restore the effects of this damage. They craft bespoke in-salon treatments using their innovative professional techniques and rituals to supply the deepest care for each hair need. Fusio-Dose is their back-bar signature, immediately treating and transforming your hair for long, lasting results. Kerastase work closely with salons and stylists. Your stylist will diagnose your individual hair challenges and come up with a treatment that would best suit your needs. Moreover, Kerastase treatments can be customized in 20 different ways to ensure you get exactly what you need. Your hair will become more nutrient-rich and softer almost instantly, and the radiance of your colour will truly shine



Fusio-Dose treatments combine a concentre with a booster to personalise the treatment to your unique hair needs. Based on your needs, your hairstylist will create a customised mix from 20 possible combinations to instantly transform your hair. Your main concern is tackled by the concentré while your secondary concern is tackled by the booster.

Fusio Scrub involves Exfoliation on the scalp. Exfoliation from the outside really helps the skin with this crucial process. It removes oil, dandruff and deeply encrusted dirt. It detoxifies the scalp and stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process, revealing shinier, more voluminous hair. The effect is visible from the roots all the way to the tips.

K Water - Unlike a conventional hair mask, where caring agents are emulsified in a liquid cream, K Water’s healing power is dissolved in a clear liquid. The formula acts instantly upon the fiber and rinses off easily for a weightless finish. Your hairdresser applies K Water after shampooing and rinses it off immediately before styling as usual. The hair is perfected in a matter of seconds. The immediate result is unbelievably sleek -, fluid hair with a glasslike shine-Kshine.

Fusio Dose £12
Fusio Scrub £5
K Water £5

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