Working additional days to try to fit our valued clients in as quickly as possible.

All clients must attend appointments alone. We're sorry, but no children, friends or partners. 

Each salon will have a sanitising station with a touchless wall-mounted sanitiser. 

We will be working to appointments only. Strictly no walk-ins. 

We will only use disposable biodegradable towels (as we have for the last two years!)

All staff will have completed the L'Oreal Hygiene & Safety qualification

Protective screen at the reception desk and a maximum of one-person in the reception area at any time. 

Special social distancing measures. You will have an empty chair between you and the next client.

All tools and workstations will be sterilised after each use.


Reduced staff numbers at any one time. We will only be operating at 50% capacity.

Twice daily deep clean. 

All team members will wear protective masks, gloves and disposable aprons.

Safety measures for clients

You will be required to wear a mask. We will have masks available to buy if you do not have your own.

There will be no waiting in reception, so you will be required to wait outside or in your car. If we are running late, we may be asked to come back later.

There will be a small £2 PPE add-on for the disposable gown, apron and mask. 

Unfortunately we can't offer out refreshment menu. Bottled water is available on request.